Mr. Bear Germany 2020

Hier möchten wir dir nun die 6 Kandidaten zur Wahl des Mr. Bear Germany 2020 vorstellen.
Schau dir die Bilder an um danach deine Stimme beim Online-Voting abzugeben

Dino Rakowski is 39 years old and lives in Bochum.
He calls himself a bird of paradise and that's also his reason for wanting to become Mr Bear Germany 2020. He wants to show the world that there's nothing wrong in being different and you should always stay true to yourself. To him it is most important to strengthen solidarity within the community as well as showing a clear attitude against the right-wing. Also, he wants to stand up against all kinds of bullying.

Jens Nitsche is 42 years old and lives in Hamburg. He rejects all kinds of discrimination and wants to work in reducing prejudices. Nobody should be ashamed of his body, not everybody is smooth with a sixpack and that's just great. To him ist is important to promote “body positivity“, strengthening the “bearhood“ and networking with other groups, because every sub-community should try and see the bigger picture.

Bryson Kelpe is 35 years old and lives in Cologne. He has worked in the fields of HIV/AIDS, LGBT-psychiatry and community health.
As a possible title-bearer he wants to do educational work concerning psychological health and present his topic “Tearing down the walls of stigma“.
Bryson actively plays rugby for the Cologne Crushers.

Raik Kuchenbecker is 30 years old and lives in Berlin. He feels like a bear and would like to represent the bear scene
He finds, the pride-demonstrations are important to strengthen the community.
Most of all he wants to support the Cologne-based initiative “Bears against right-wing“. Furthermore he pledges for treating each other more fairly in the community.

Daniel Hert is 26 years old and lives in Koblenz.
Participating in the election makes a dream come true. Most of all, he wants to support homosexual youths from Eastern Europe and give courage to those, who have problems coming out in front of their families
He actively practises archery in a club.

Jan Ranft is 44 years old and lives in Saarbrücken.
He is a graphic designer, author of gay short stories and has already published his first book. He wants others to stop thinking in categories and to deal with clichees. To him, there is no typical bear, leather guy or dragqueen. The borders are fluent and not everybody has to like everything.

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